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the weave detangler

Introducing The Weave Detangler Brush, the ultimate solution for gently and effectively detangling even the most unruly hair. Say goodbye to knots, tangles, and painful hair-pulling with this innovative brush. Designed with soft-flexi bristles and a unique vented design, it minimizes breakage and tension, leaving your hair smooth and knot-free. The open design ensures easy product distribution, effortless cleaning, and unmatched flexibility. Your weave will thank you!

the weave detangler

    • WET & DRY USE: Whether your hair is wet or dry, this brush works equally great. It's perfect for detangling after a shower or for maintaining smooth hair throughout the day.


    • NO PULL DETANGLING: The Weave Detangler Brush features soft-flexi bristles that gently glide through your hair, eliminating pulling or snagging. Experience painless and effortless detangling without compromising the health and integrity of your hair.


    • HEAT RESISTANT VENTED DESIGN: The innovative vented design of the brush not only allows for optimal airflow and quick drying but is also heat resistant. You can safely use this brush with blow dryers or other heat styling tools, ensuring efficient and effective detangling without the risk of heat damage. 


    • FOR ALL HAIR TYPES: This detangling brush is suitable for all hair types, making it ideal for use with wigs, weaves, extensions, and even synthetic hair, offering versatile and effective detangling for various styling needs.


    • EASY CLEANING: The open design of the brush allows for easy cleaning. Simply rinse it with soap and warm water to keep it fresh and ready for use.

  • While applying Weaveproduct Weavesoap to hair, use The Weave Brush Flexi Detangle Brush to work products through gently. Always start from the ends (tips) and work your way to the weft.


    To clean the brush, rinse with a mild detergent & warm water.