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  • Is Weavesoap a shampoo?
    Weavesoap is a clarifying shampoo (cleansing wash) formulated specifically to detox and wash away impurities, dirt and grime from weave and wigs. It is an excellent addition to your weave care routine if you have problems with oily hair and/or product build up such as hairsprays, mousses, adhesives, and gels – without losing its quality and pattern.
  • Can I use Weavesoap on my natural “real” hair?
    Yes, Weavesoap is a clarifying shampoo branded for weave and wigs but is totally safe for your natural hair. Weavesoap is cruelty free, sulfate free , paraben free and for all hair types.
  • Do I need a conditioner?
    No, unless hair is damaged. Weavesoap is meant to remove oil and product build up which most conditioner deposits into the hair. We recommend using your favorite deep conditioner or hair mask prior to using Weavesoap to restore moisture in damaged hair. (We suggest “prior to” so Weavsoap can remove any unnecessary oils left by conditioner) Once hair is washed let air dry and style.
  • How much Weavesoap should I use?
    How much Weavesoap you use is totally up to how dirty your hair is and what washing method you are using. See washing methods here.
  • Why isn’t my Weavesoap lathering?
    Depending on the amount of buildup and oils on your weave, the Weavesoap may not lather very much, but that doesn't mean it's not working! Rinse very well. Apply again, and this time it should get sudsy.
  • Will Weavesoap strip my color?
    No, Weavesoap is color safe. Any excess color not needed will wash off.
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